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OUR ACTIVITY: The Stuffing of 90 Tons Green Coffee Beans to Egypt

Green Coffee Beans – Robusta coffee has been loved by coffee lovers both locally and internationally. Because apart from being more affordable than arabica, this coffee bean can be harvested three times in a year. It makes the stock and price of robusta coffee more stable. One of robusta coffees we provide is Temanggung robusta. Temanggung robusta coffee provides the most dominant contribution to the coffee market in Central Java. It has been known nationally and internationally. This type of coffee has high competitiveness in the export markets, such as Japan, Russia, Italy, and Egypt.

According to the Head of Quarantine Ministry of Agriculture in Semarang, Temanggung robusta has a bitter and caffeine content of 50% compared to other types of coffee. So, this type of coffee is getting the most interest in the global market.  In addition, robusta coffee is liked by many people. It is because the coffee is similar to mocha coffee; has a complete body, and smells like tobacco. Another interesting fact about Temanggung robusta is that Temanggung robusta is very popular in Europe. Not only in Europe, it is also popular in the Middle East, Japan, and other countries.

Temanggung robusta is considered a very high-demand coffee and almost dominates the global coffee market. Therefore, after shipping 10 tons of Temanggung arabica to Kuwait, this month we received a request for a shipment of 90 tons of Temanggung robusta to be shipped to Egypt. In this case, our customer chose private label service. This service benefits customers because a professional team will handle quality control, stuffing, and delivery of goods so they do not need to handle it by themselves. 

Quality Control

green coffee beans

Kopen team checked in Temanggung to ensure the availability of the beans. After meeting with Temanggung farmers, we discussed the current coffee conditions in Temanggung. The discussion is about the current condition especially arabica coffee which is facing a crisis. We also discussed the quality of the coffee beans and the post-harvest process applied by the farmers. We do this to determine the quality of coffee beans directly through farmers. Then, after checking the quality and quantity of green coffee beans, we prepare some details of the goods needed for packing purposes.

Green Coffee Beans Packing Order

green coffee beans

When the green coffee beans meet with customer needs, we go through the packing process with the help of the farmers. Before the packing process begins, we do sortation again to make sure there are no defects or other foreign matter mixed into the beans. Thus, the quality of green beans is our priority. In addition, we also use double-pack sacks with grain pro. It is to keep watertight, and airtight, and also can maintain the aroma of the green beans. And lastly, we do double-check to ensure there are no leaks and safe packaging for export shipments.

Shipping Order

After the packing order has been completed, the shipping order is the last stage of the shipping process. Our export shipments are handled by a professional export team so that the completeness and safety of shipping goods are guaranteed and are our responsibility. We check the completeness of the required documents such as COO, BL, invoice, and packing list. We will send documents to the customer before the goods arrive. Before shipping, the goods must go through a quarantine center to ensure the green coffee beans are safe for overseas shipments. In the final step, the coffee beans are shipped and handled by a forwarder chosen by the buyer.

We are proud to be able to bring Indonesian coffee beans worldwide, in addition to export shipments to Egypt, we have also shipped to Hong Kong, Switzerland, and United Emirates Arab. Indonesia has a variety of coffee beans and their unique taste. Have you tried Kopen coffee? Contact us to get a FREE SAMPLE!


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