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We are an Indonesian coffee supplier who collaborates with Indonesian coffee farmers who have a vision of advancing Indonesian coffee to become more global. Currently, Indonesia’s coffee plantations cover a total area of ​​approximately 1.24 million hectares, 933 hectares of robusta plantations, and 307 hectares of arabica plantations. More than 90% of the total plantations are cultivated by small-scale farmers who own relatively small plantations of about 1-2 hectares. Indonesia is known as the fourth world’s largest coffee producer after Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia. Therefore, Indonesia can supply coffee beans all over the world. Not only green bean, but Sumatra Coffee also provides roasted bean and drip bag coffee.

sumatra coffee
sumatra coffee

We are working with farmers in Gayo, Sumatra, and Temanggung, Central Java. The following is a short story about how our coffee become known to the world. In 2020, we exported Gayo arabica green coffee beans to our client in Hong Kong. Then in 2021, we delivered Temanggung arabica green coffee beans to our client in Kuwait and Gayo Arabica to another client. In the same year, we also shipped our Temanggung Arabica green coffee bean to Dubai. So far, in 2022, our Kuwait has re-ordered 10 tons of Temanggung Arabica, the same with our Kuwait client, our Dubai client also re-purchased another Temanggung Arabica. The trust of clients is our priority in providing services. Furthermore, in building trust, we provide a FREE SAMPLE* of coffee beans for customers who want to know the quality of our coffee beans. If you are interested in getting a FREE SAMPLE*, please contact our customer service.

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We are a supplier and exporter of Indonesian coffee that collaborates with local farmers, especially from Gayo and Central Java region. Our main vision is to improve the lives of coffee farmers by providing fair coffee prices that are commensurate with the efforts they have put in to produce the best quality coffee beans. In addition, we will also try our best to prevent the accumulation of goods, so that coffee prices remain stable. For this reason, we help farmers in the production process, so that coffee stocks are maintained.


We work with professional farmers who produce the best coffee beans with premium quality. Before the customer cooperates with us, we provide samples of coffee beans to ensure the quality of the coffee beans as their needs. The quality of the coffee beans is also our priority so that our coffee beans have a unique coffee taste. In addition, we have a variety of coffee bean grades that customers can choose according to their needs, ranging from specialty to low grades.


We are committed to maintaining trust in working together with our farmers and customers. With farmers, apart from assisting in production, we also provide outreach and education activities, so that we can produce quality and sustainable coffee. Meanwhile, with our customers, we are committed to being open to each other and providing daily reports consistently. Therefore, the customers will know the shipping process of the coffee bean they have ordered. Then, we will also provide a FREE SAMPLE* for our customers who want to find out the quality of the coffee beans they are interested in.

Customer Friendly

Our customer service will be happy to respond to all your questions about our coffee beans, shipping process, payment terms, or other details that you may need. Fulfilling what our customer needs is our priority in order to create comfort for them. With the comfort felt by our customers, we hope our cooperative relationship can run well and provide benefits for both of us.

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