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Sumatra Coffee are small coffee farmers who are dedicated to produce 100% organic Sumatra green coffee bean. Besides producing organic coffee bean, we also process and export conventional Sumatran green coffee bean. One of the missions why Sumatra Coffee be built is that we want to maintain peace and unity among ethnically diverse membership consists of the Gayo, Mandheling, and Javanese tribes.

Regency of Central Aceh, Bener Meriah, and Bukit Barisan is a highland area in Sumatra where most of its residents are coffee farmers. Arabica is a kind of coffee which they grow. The farmers keep continuing to grow coffee from generations to generations. Therefore, the sustainability of coffee production in this area is nothing to worry about. In a year, they can have three times of harvest.

sumatra coffee
"Harvest The Cherry."
sumatra coffee
"Sorting the Cherry"

When the harvest of the coffee comes, they cannot sell the coffee by themselves. Even though they can sell it by themselves, the buyer will buy the coffee at a low price. It happens because the farmers do not know how much exactly the price is in the market. So, to get the best price of their coffee, the farmers decide to hand in hand to each other in selling the coffee. They decide to make a place where they can work together in producing, processing, and selling the coffee to the market. Further, in aim to progressing and prospering themselves, the farmers need a legal entity. With the legal entity, the farmers can make their own coffee trading business officially and sell the coffee in the global market.

Here, Sumatra Coffee is the entity which is made by the farmers who have the same idea to make their own coffee trading business and build that business globally.

Our Values

The reason why you should buy our product

Fairness + -

Sumatra Coffee is a producer and exporter who works directly with coffee farmers in Sumatra, especially Gayo and Mandheling area. Therefore, the coffee farmers can get proper and fair price. This is in accordance with Sumatra Coffee’s mission, which is to provide prosperity for farmers. With working directly with farmers, we hope it will minimize the accumulation of goods. If there is no accumulation of goods, the selling price of coffee will be controlled.


We, as the party who also markets coffee globally, will do our best to prevent the accumulation of goods, so that coffee prices will remain stable. Further, we also help farmers in the production process, so that coffee stocks will be maintained. In addition, we also conduct socialization and education activities to farmers, so that we can produce high quality and sustainable coffee.

Maintain Peace and Unity + -

One of the values of Sumatra Coffee is that we consist of several different tribes, namely Gayo, Mandailing, and Javanese tribes. It happens because the farmers we work with come from several areas in Gayo (Aceh), Mandheling (North Sumatra), and we have a marketing office in Semarang (Central Java).


Apart from business cooperation, we also always hold family time with the members even though we come from different regions and ethnicities. This is manifested by holding regular meeting of the members. In the meeting, we discuss something not far from coffee and our daily activities. All members have the right to speak, express opinions, or provide solutions. This is a simple thing, but has a big impact on the sustainability of our teamwork.

Customer-Centric + -

Besides paying attention to the prosperity of our farmer members, we also prioritize service for our customers. Fulfilling the wishes of our customers is something we must do in order to create convenience for our customers. With the comfort felt by our customers, we hope that this cooperative relationship can run well and provide benefits for both parties in a long time.