Packaging Specifications

See our packaging specifications. Meeting what the customer needs is our priority to create comfort for them. With the comfort felt by our customers, we hope that our cooperative relationship can run well and provide benefits for both of us. Not only providing the best quality coffee, we also have a commitment to maintain good coffee quality until it reaches the customer’s hands with the appropriate packaging.

Our Sumatra and Java Coffee Beans are available in following size. Ready to ship overseas.

packaging specifications

Packaging Specifications

Jute Bag Size

Content: 60 kg
Size: 100 x 60 cm

Pallet Specifications

Content: 16 – 18 jute bags
Size: 120 x 110 cm

Sea Freight Container Capacity – with Pallets
20FT Container FCL: approx. 10 pallets = 160-180 jute bags

Sea Freight Container Capacity – without Pallets
20FT Container FCL: approx. 320 jute bags