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Our Activity: 10 Tons of Green Coffee Beans Shipped to Kuwait

Currently, Indonesia’s coffee plantations cover a total area of approximately 1.24 million hectares, 933 hectares of robusta plantations, and 307 hectares of arabica plantations. Small-scale farmers manage more than 90% of the total plantations. They have relatively small gardens of about 1-2 hectares each. The world recognizes Indonesia as the world’s largest coffee producer, seen in fourth place after Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia. Therefore, Indonesia can supply beans to various worlds. One of them is the delivery of the Temanggung Arabica Green Bean by Kopen Coffee to Kuwait. Kopen shipped 10 tons of Temanggung arabica. One of the coffee beans that are often in demand is Arabica.

Many farmers grow this type of coffee in the highlands which are above 1000 meters above sea level. Temanggung Regency has a type of Arabica coffee that has a fragrant aroma and delicious taste. Temanggung Arabica coffee will grow well in the highlands of Temanggung Regency. In Temanggung there are three parallel mountains, from Mount Sumbing, Mount Sindoro, and Mount Prau. the majority are farmers, and almost certainly are Temanggung coffee farmers. Arabica coffee grows well if we plant it at a maximum altitude of 1000-2000 masl. With rainfall ranging from 1200-2000 mm per year.

Last February, Kopen collaborated with millennial farmers from Temanggung to process orders to Kuwait. Before shipping, we have to complete some important steps. The first is quality control to ensure the quality of the beans. Then, sorting the coffee beans and a safe packing process, the last step is checking documents before sending the beans.

Our quality control

Kopen team checked in Temanggung to ensure the availability of the beans. After meeting with Temanggung farmers, we discussed the current development of Temanggung’s coffee bean harvest. We also shared about the quality of the coffee beans and the post-harvest process applied. We do this to know the quality of the beans directly through farmers. Then, after checking the beans, we prepare some details of the items needed for packing.

Packing orders

Coffee farmers often help with the packaging process. Before we put our coffee beans into grain pro, we sort the beans to make sure there are no defects or other foreign matter mixed into the beans. Thus, the quality of each grain is our priority. We use double pack sacks with grain pro so that they are watertight, airtight, and can maintain the aroma of green beans. And lastly, double-checking to ensure there are no leaks and safe packing for export shipments.

COFFEE BEANS Shipping Order

The shipment of our export coffee beans is handled by a professional export team so that the completeness and safety of the delivery of coffee beans are guaranteed and is our responsibility. We check the completeness of the required documents such as COO, BL, Invoice, and packing list. We will send documents to the buyer before the beans arrive. Before being shipped, coffee beans must go through a quarantine center to ensure the coffee beans are safe for shipment. In the last step, the coffee beans are sent according to the forwarder selected by the buyer.

We are proud to be able to bring Indonesian coffee beans worldwide, in addition to export shipments to Kuwait, we have also shipped to Hong Kong, Switzerland, and United Emirates Arab. Indonesia has a variety of coffee beans and their unique taste. Have you tried Kopen coffee?

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