Gayo Arabica Coffee is a type of unique coffee from the highest-ground of Gayo, Central Aceh, Indonesia. This coffee has strong thickness and unique aroma.

One of the things that makes this coffee known to the world is due to the hereditary cultivation of organic coffee. For example, the fertilization process using compost from fermented coffee husks. Another reason why this coffee is known globally is because of the high standard of production, processing, and presentation.

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There are three areas that become the center of Gayo arabica coffee plantation. There are Central Aceh District (about 39 hectares) and Bener Meriah and Gayo Lues (around 42 hectares). Those areas have volcanic soil conditions, a type of soil that has high nutrients. Therefore, the coffee has a savory taste, a strong level of consistency, and a fragrant aroma.

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Almost all people in the Gayo highlands, including those who are not farmers, also have a coffee plantation. Although, the plantation not as large as coffee farmers. Owning a coffee plantation seems to be an obligation for them, except for migrants. This makes the coffee Gayo Arabica into common identity in the Central Highlands, Central Aceh. You could also say, when you hear the word Gayo, people will immediately understand as coffee.

While visiting the highlands region, such as in the morning, you will immediately see the views of a group of farmers. They are going to the coffee plantation to harvest coffee or just take a look at their plantation.

In Gayo, Arabica coffee dominates among other types of coffee. Therefore, whenever you mention the coffee, you automatically refer to Gayo Arabica coffee. Which became the coffee with the highest cupping score at the Indonesian Special Coffee Auction in Bali on October 10, 2010.

History records that the first farmers to grow coffee in the Central Highlands in 1924 were in the area of Paya Tumpi, Central Aceh. Previously, in 1913, land clearing for plantation began in line with the completion of the road construction project connecting Bireuen-Takengon.


RegionCentral Aceh, Indonesia
Altitude1500m asl
Processing MethodSemi-washed
Defects11 Max
Moisture13% Max
Foreign Matter0,5% Max
Black & Broken Beans2%
Above Screen 1690%


We maintain direct control over all steps for high purity and complete traceability from harvest to the final product. Sumatra Coffee is minimally processed with no chemical involvement and manufactured in our own facility under hygienic modern condition to ensure its high quality and cleanliness.

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