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As a part of being the second largest island in Indonesia, Sumatra is also one of the largest coffee bean-producing islands. The other two islands are Java and Sulawesi. Historically, the area in Indonesia that was the first to mass grow Arabica coffee was in Sumatra. Precisely in Pakantan Village, Mandailing Natal, North Sumatra. Therefore, Mandailing Natal is an area that is popular for its quality Arabica coffee. In accordance with the name of the region, coffee originating from Mandailing Natal is popular with the name Mandheling coffee.

This type of coffee is one of the Indonesian coffee products that are in high demand from various countries. Coffee lovers from abroad call it Mandheling coffee. Sumatran Mandheling coffee beans grow on the slopes of the Mount Leuser volcano. Precisely located near the port of Padang in the Balak Region, West-Central Sumatra. This geographic location makes this kind of Sumatra coffee beans very popular all over the world. The geographical location of the plant characterizes this type of coffee. Then, what makes this coffee popular is the unique way of processing coffee.

wet-hull method for mandheling coffee

The wet-hull method in processing Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans is the key that distinguishes this coffee from other coffees. This method creates a distinctive taste and aroma in Sumatra Mandheling coffee. Coffee has low acidity and a high body base. With the character of Sumatran Mandailing coffee, actually brewing it the normal way is already delicious. However, there is a unique tradition of the Mandailing Natal community. They brew coffee using coconut shells instead of glasses. Then also use cinnamon instead of a spoon. Also using Mandailing palm sugar as a substitute for granulated sugar. They call it Takar Kopi. Takar means coconut shell.

Takar Coffee or Batok Coffee comes from the tradition of ancient people who drink using coconut shells when going to the fields. In addition, they believe that brewing coffee using shell can give a new sensation in enjoying the coffee, especially Mandheling coffee. Local people believe that coconut shells can add an additional aroma to the coffee. You can find Takar coffee in many coffee shops in the Mandailing Natal area. They sell it at a low price, which is around five to eight thousand rupiahs. The price is quite affordable for coffee as delicious as Sumatran Mandheling coffee which is ready to drink with cinnamon and palm sugar. If you visit Mandailing Natal, it’s incomplete if you haven’t tasted Takar Coffee, a unique coffee brewing from Mandailing Natal, North Sumatra.

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