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Gayo Coffee as the Identity of Gayo Community

Gayo Coffee – Indonesia is one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world. Indonesia, which has different geographical conditions, makes its coffee also has a different character. This is in accordance with the area where the coffee is grown.

One of the largest coffee-producing areas in Indonesia is located in Sumatra, precisely in the Gayo area, Central Aceh, Aceh. In accordance with the name of the region, coffee originating from Gayo is also popular with the name Gayo coffee. The coffee is arabica coffee that grows in the highlands in the form of volcanic mountains that have high nutrition.

Soil condition which has high nutrients, cool environment, and variety of plants that live around it are what make the coffee have a special taste. Because of its unique taste, this coffee has become one of the most popular coffees and a favorite among coffee lovers around the world. This is what makes the demand for this coffee increase.

The increasing demand has made coffee plantations wider in Gayo highlands. Owning a coffee plantation is a must for local residents. Even those who do not work as farmers have coffee plantations even though their plantations are not as large as coffee farmers.

Coffee for life

Farming coffee has become the main source of livelihood there. If you visit the Gayo area and its surroundings, then you will enjoy the view of farmers passing back and forth their plantation. Going to the plantation every morning has become a daily activity for most of the people there. Apart from farming, some other communities have businesses that are not far from coffee. Some of them process coffee into ready-to-consume and then market it locally and internationally. And some others, choose to run coffee shops that we can usually find on the roadside in Central Aceh Regency.

The facts above are the reasons why if someone talks about Gayo, they will immediately refer to coffee. From those facts, we can see that coffee is not only the main source of livelihood for the community, but Gayo coffee has become their identity.