arabica mandheling coffee


A Coffee that has a sweet aftertaste and known globally

Mandheling Coffee is a type of arabica from Bukit Barisan highlands, North Sumatra, Indonesia. This coffee has natural savour, medium acidity, a heavy body, and a sweet aftertaste that you should try.

There is no doubt that the world has recognized the deliciousness of Mandheling coffee. In many important events, community leaders serve Mandheling coffee as one of the guest drinks.

Key to the world recognizes this coffee is due to the location of cultivation and production processes that have high standards. Therefore, the coffee has a taste that makes many coffee lovers around the world love it.

Natural Icons

Mandheling Coffee Plantation

The Mandheling coffee, which is an Arabica coffee variety, was first introduced by Dutch in 1833. This coffee was once the best coffee in the world and has the highest price in the international market.

The location of the coffee plantation is in the highlands of Bukit Barisan. This area has a wealth of volcanic soil and a tropical climate. This is what makes this coffee variety superior even though the farmers plant it in an area that is not too high. That is about 900-1400 above sea level.

One of the reasons why this coffee is popular is that the coffee growers process it semi-wash. This is a post-harvest culture that has consistently been an activity for generations by the community. As a result, this coffee has a distinctive taste that is a favorite of world coffee lovers. The favorite flavor is low acidity and heavy body.

Sumatra Mandheling green bean


We maintain direct control over all steps for high purity and complete traceability from harvest to final product. Our coffee is processed without the involvement of chemicals and produced in our own facilities. Our coffee is processed in a modern hygienic manner to ensure high quality and cleanliness.

Processing Flow


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